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How time flies! Time for more lies!

It seems a long time ago since I stood in the local and general elections - but only a year has passed! We have a Prime Minster who received enough votes to bring back a large majority Government, but we all know he would never have made it if it wasn't for Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn!

Some have said to me "did you truly believe you would have won a seat in a true blue constituency, as an Independent?" Of course it was a tall order as an Independent, especially when other parties continually stand but never get in, however, to admit defeat would also beg the question - "why stand at all!" So I never admit defeat until I am actually defeated - the way I have always lived my life.

The Conservative's achieved glory, they stuck to their word by triggering the transition period on 30th January. All Boris had to do was work on his deal with the EU before June 30th - a tall feat in itself. However, along came Covid-19, a coronavirus that is silently killing people. Sadly, our death toll stands more than 40,000 today and Boris, who nearly lost his life to the virus now has to really and truly govern the country - the economy is at stake! Ah but he has Dominic Cummings, so he will be ok...

I was really hoping Mr Johnson would have had some kind of enlightenment whilst he was staring death in the face - like I had many years ago when I nearly crossed over to the other side - this is looking unlikely.

It's taken far too long for the government to grasp hold and control the virus. They seem to be running ahead naked, with no preparation for wind, rain or sun. Instead, they blame others, "we're being led by the science" is their way of saying - we haven't got a clue! LBC listeners seem to be another guidance as they feel their way forward in the dark.

I struggle to understand the psyche of senior ministers who continually mislead or bend the truth for their own gain. It's extraordinary how they can come out each day, giving us an update on how they are doing by tailoring the facts to make them look as if they are succeeding to control this decease when they are failing miserably. The UK is teetering into recession, our economy needs to be carefully nursed back to health. Can they do it - only time will tell.

To end on a good note - the wonderful NHS and key workers who have held this country together by going out onto the battle field, day in and day out, with gritted teeth and sheer determination. They put their lives on the line each time they work. Many have sadly died - they die heroes.

One thing is for sure, their work will never be forgotten. We must fight for our NHS to receive the funding and organisation it needs to make it stronger and better. We must fight for the workers within, nurses, porters, cleaners to receive decent pay. It's people like this who should be making up our government...

Thank you!