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In the Name of Brexit!

Well he’s gone and done it! He has taken the UK by storm – love him or loath him, nothing could touch him – all in the name of Brexit!

Prime Minster Boris Johnson has managed to duck controversy and somehow emerge as the King of “Get Brexit Done!” Leaving in his wake; “Stop Brexit!” - Jo Swinson, “impartial” – Jeremy Corbyn and “We are Ready!” – Nigel Farage. Although, it must be said if it hadn’t been for Nigel Farage, we would not be in the position we are in today. We have a fired up, hosing 109 new MPs who have signed up to getting us the best Brexit possible. It is now rumoured that Nigel is going to be given a Knighthood – I hope he accepts.

During these long 3 and a half years we have learnt that the problem was obviously with Parliament, as the British people had not changed their minds. They knew they had to overwhelmingly tell Parliament once again that they wanted democracy respected and so did those who originally voted to remain, some also gave their vote to secure the Brexit voted for in 2016. No more talk of a people’s vote; a fat NO! To a second referendum. What an amazing stance! The people commanded our politicians to sit up and listen, the fabulous strength of – ‘People Power!’

So what next? Can we now breathe a sigh of relief? Boris tells us that he will not let us down and that he will prove to the constituencies in the North – the Labour heartlands who lent the Tories their votes, they will not be sorry and that they will see regeneration.

MPs passed the second reading of the Withdrawal Bill by 358 to 234 votes and the programme motion for the Bill was passed by 353 to 243 votes. Things are moving forward - no more procrastination. The Bill will be brought before the Committee of the House on the 6th and 7th of January and before the Lords amendments and third reading on 8th January.

Maybe Boris Johnson had to take such drastic actions when he first took office. A light was brightly beamed onto the failings of Parliament. There definitely had to be a clear-out in Parliament for it to stand as Sovereign once more. Perhaps a lesson has now been learnt, but only time will tell…

Happy Brexmas!!

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