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Time for an Independent!

We are in unprecedented times! Therefore, extraordinary actions must be taken.

Politics is broken – it needs reform. It’s time for the makeup of Parliament to change – becoming more representative of society.

An injection of honest and truthful MPs who have business acumen, life experience skills and capabilities would bring benefits to communities and focus would be on keeping constituents together and strong through whatever may come.

Sevenoaks spoke out and voted in 4 Independent district councillors who are now working in opposition to the Tories. Sevenoaks spoke out in 2016 54% of us voted to leave the EU. In the EU elections 14,534 of us voted for Brexit!

Being a backbencher is the most effective way of representing one’s constituency. The ability to keep on top constituency duties will mean I will be able to concentrate on what matters most to you! Not tied down with junior or senior ministerial duties.

I will work cross party in parliament, also with local government, other authorities and organisations to achieve my pledges to you.

I will bring progressive change. I will bring honesty and integrity. I will listen. I will not let you down. Keep it local and…

Vote for me, Paulette Furse to be your next MP!

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