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Clean Break Brexit - the way forward

During the first few weeks of Boris' reign as Prime Minster he seemed to be making all the right noises - using the right words to woo us into believing he truly wants to deliver the "will of the people!" However, I am now beginning to think we are pawns on a Tory chess board, to be moved at their will.

May, tried to take our eye off the board by telling us "no deal is better than a bad deal" - then introduces her bad Withdrawal Agreement to be passed by Parliament - Check! Boris then told us he would leave with or without a deal "do or die!" and that he will "get Brexit done!" Is this another distraction to trap us into - checkmate!

Boris called the treaty Theresa May brought before Parliament, one that would leave us in "Vassalage!" Then voted for it the 3rd time round...!

He now brings before the House a "Great New Deal!" that looks and sounds like Theresa May's bad Withdrawal Agreement with a - front stop! He is threatening to break up the Union, by shafting the DUP - which in turn will wind up Nicola Sturgeon, who will shout even louder for Scottish Independence! How is this any good for Great Britain!

But we are where we are...

Change is needed - our Parliament can no longer, see or hear our cry!

Even though 17.4million people voted to leave the EU and then used the European elections to shout loud and clear - "we have not changed our minds!" Parliament still stumbles blindly on calling for a 2nd referendum quoting - "the people did not know what they were voting for!" Erm sounds similar to a sentence I've heard before - "Father, forgive them, for they do not what they are doing!" Luke 23:34

I have never been one to shy away from a challenge or hard-work. I have rebuilt my life after 25 years of living within a controlling environment. The surroundings and perks were of course hard to leave, but the environment would have eventually killed me as I lost more and more control of my life. So I was determined to make a success of the new life I was about to forge - no looking back, only forward. I therefore, find it very difficult to understand why we would concede to an organisation whose sole purpose seems to be to control the world! Any individual with business acumen can see that the only way we have any chance of agreeing a good free trade deal is to have a clean break Brexit. We trade temporarily on WTO rules and work hard to build a Greater Britain. This Agreement will keep us locked into an institution without a voice until December 2020 or maybe even longer. The predicament we will find ourselves in then will not have changed without an Agreement! We will be kicking the can down the road again and again...

Everyone unanimously agrees that the EU needs reforming. We have tried to do this from within for many, many years - to no avail.

MPs should now roll up their sleeves and look to support their constituencies and constituents who they keep saying are going to be made poorer - preparing them for the scenario of a clean break from the EU.

*The Revised Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration:

1.Restricts Parliamentary independence

2. Restricts independent trade policy

3. Prevents an independent tax policy

4. Controls Fishing

5. and 6. Prevents independent military action

7. Restricts Foreign Policy

8. Demands Payment of a sum to be decided by the EU

9. Replaces one Commission with another

10. Prevents independent arbitration

11. Grants EU officials immunity

12. Imposes a gagging order on the UK

13. Leaves the UK with EIB risks but no profits

14. Imposes EU public procurement rules

15. Makes the UK a bystander in laws that govern it

We are the 5th largest economy in the world!

We are the 2nd largest economy in the EU! Alice Weidel the Chairwoman of AfD in the German Bundestag stated - "from an economic perspective the UK leaving is like the EU shrinking to not 27 but 9 member states!"

A free trade agreement that would benefit the UK WOULD be negotiated in the event of a clean break Brexit!


Politics is broken - The Brexit Party was born to bring reform. We are a party that is standing up for democracy! It does not make any kind of sense to bring about another referendum when the 2016 referendum has not yet been enacted. I hate to say it - but our Parliament seem to be struggling with the current matter in hand, so to take on another situation...

The next General Election may be the last time for a few years where you will have a real say. Don't be despondent or cowed by politicians who tell you to vote tactically, we must prevent this dilemma from happening again. Vote to change politics for good by helping to reshape your representation in Parliament! Remember! YOU are the ones with the power. Politicians are our servants!




*Revised Withdrawal Agreement and Declaration Breakdown

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