August 7, 2019




Paulette Furse has been announced as a parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party in Sevenoaks constituency.


Paulette, a local businesswoman, Parish Councillor and resident of 25 years, will contest the constituency in the next general election, standing against incumbent, Sir Michael Fallon, sitting MP. 

Paulette, Brexit Party candidate said: ​

 “I’m a local businesswoman.  I have run my business in the district since 1999.  My husbands accountancy firms serves many SMEs in Sevenoaks and further afield. 

I moved to Sevenoaks from Beckenham in 1993 after fleeing from a domestically violent marriage with my then, four year old daughter.  We started life in Sevenoaks Town before moving to Seal, where she attended primary school.  Now, 25 years later I am a proud wife – remarried for 23yrs and a mother to three daughters.

I am so excited to be a PPC for The Brexit Party, which is fielding diverse and trustworthy people who love and understand local issues.

I was formerly deeply involved with the Tories, as the chairman of the Sevenoaks Conservative Association. However, I no longer believe the Tories can deliver a clean Brexit and respect our democracy.

Politics is broken and the two-party system is no longer serving our district or our country. Local issues are ignored, with no high-speed fibre broadband in remote areas and high street shops stifled by increasing rates.

As a resident and employer I have spoken to many people over the years who have many concerns about the area they live in, however we are all united in wanting to keep Sevenoaks a beautiful place to live. We do not want to become “Outer London!.” 

Our children have nowhere to socialise; large developments such as the controversial one in Swanley cause needless stress to residents who are often ill informed during the whole development procedure. I was completely surprised to hear of Edenbridge library hours being reduced to just one morning per week! This is wrong.  Edenbridge library is an active place, various groups are hosted there. 

As well as my local knowledge I would offer an array of skills and capabilities to Sevenoaks as an MP.  My area of expertise is in business; social wellbeing and housing. My professional history  spans from administrative management to accounting and finance.  I have worked in retail banking, as a Business Relationship Manager to a social business as a finance manager with responsibility over the proper management of a £25million programme funded by Big Lottery.  I have negotiated many contracts over the years; as a business woman and as a senior management employee.

In addition to the above, I have over 4 years’ experience working cross party with various MPs, commencing in 2016 as a board member of Women for Britain who supported Vote Leave.  

After many years volunteering and working for domestic abuse charities, I was delighted to be  invited (as a Campaign Champion for Women’s Aid) to attend, as a regular guest, an All Party Parliamentary Group on Domestic Violence. We have already managed to get through huge changes to the Domestic Abuse bill and will continue our work.  I was encouraged by MPs such as Helen Grant, Helen Whately and Jess Philips (Chair of the APPG on Domestic Violence) to become an MP as they witnessed my passion for people and domestic issues.

The Brexit Party movement wants to bring Political Reform to the UK which include:-​


  • Changing the electoral system to ensure Parliament is more representative of the people.

  • Challenging the power of the unelected House of Lords.

  • Cleaning up the easily abused system of postal votes on demand.

  • Making the civil service serve the public.

  • Reforming the BBC TV licence fee.​


We also feel it’s time to invest in the following:-​


  • Save the 39 billion ransom demanded by the EU; that’s our money to invest as we see fit.

  • Scrap the multi-billion pounds HS2 vanity project.

  • Reduce and redirect the foreign aid budget.​


We can give Britain an extra £200 billion to:-​


  • Invest in growth in our regions.

  • Rebuild the transport system outside London.

  • Invest in faster, cheaper broadband for everybody.

  • Ensure there is free wi-fi on every train and bus outside London.

  • Take control of our fishing waters and revive coastal communities.

  • Remove business rates for new high street businesses outside London.

  • Cancel the interest on student loans.​


I will be starting out on my campaign trail around the district soon. Tell me the issues you face as a resident or business in the Sevenoaks District.  Follow me on Twitter to find out where I am or email me. I look forward to meeting and talking to as many of you as possible.  


The Brexit Party is here to stay. We are here to – change politics for good!”


“Paulette your devotion to democracy and courage in championing Brexit in a hostile environment has been inspirational - you are going to make the most fantastic MP.” Belinda De Lucy - Brexit Party MEP for the  South East



Follow me on Twitter: @paulettefurse


Conference coming near you soon...


The Brexit Party has a conference coming up for the South East on 26th September to be held at Maidstone Exhibition Hall.  Constituents will be able to discuss local policies with MEPs and PPCs. Keep an eye on The Brexit Party website for more details.


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