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Prime Minister Boris Johnson - "no ifs or buts"

A momentous day - the guy who no one thought could ever make it to Prime Minister bumbled his way in via the Tory membership and was crowned yesterday - Wednesday 24th July.

His first speech contained words like "we will do a new deal" and "the people are our bosses". He concluded with we would “create a new partnership with the EU." He made it quite clear that we would be ready to leave the EU on or before 31st October 2019 - with or without a deal. He sounds extremely convincing - even had me on the edge of my chair shouting go Boris go!

Will he keep his promises?...

A new day has arrived - I reflect on some of his domestic policies; I like the things he says about more funding for our schools; cutting GP waiting times; upgrading our hospitals and full fibre broadband - yeah!! (I’ve been waiting for this promise to materialise for some years now…).

I agree and understand the appointment of his cabinet and hope they will keep him focused on finally delivering the democratic result of 2016 - “no ifs or buts”.

But, he has no majority in parliament to vote through a no deal Brexit and cannot or should not travel along the same path as Theresa May; and he is well aware that the EU member states will not change their minds and reopen negotiations on the withdrawal bill so, his realistic option would be to call a general election. This would ensure a change in Parliament, give the electorate a chance to replace their MPs should they wish to and give him a clear mandate to deliver Brexit.

Boris you have renewed our hope, so don’t let us down. The Brexit Party is working alongside you to highlight the prejudices and injustices of the European Parliament by shining a light on the actual happenings via *BrexBox and the reports from our MEPs.

We MUST leave by 31st October, so that you can get on with your domestic agenda and start moving this great country forward.

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