The Brexit Party - All Change!

May 10, 2019


The Conservative (Con) Party seems to be stuck in a stalemate situation with the Labour Party. Talks are going nowhere.  The Cons had to face the country’s wrath by losing 1334 councillors and Labour not gaining many more than they had in the recent local elections.  Looking at voting totals in my district of Sevenoaks (even though the Cons kept overall hold on paper), they did not do so convincingly as a lot of the votes were close.  The previously Conservative led Town Council is now in coalition with the Lib Dems. 


So here comes The Brexit Party, the party I now support; who to my glee is now going to be fielding candidates in a General Election.  A shift in politics is happening and no matter what people have said about Nigel Farage he has stuck to his guns; he is a leader determined to bring people another political choice; one that will fight for us to leave the EU.


So join The Brexit Party train say NO to the politically stagnant parties and CHANGE POLITICS FOR GOOD.  Start by voting for The Brexit Party in the European Elections on 23rd May.  Then vote for us again in the By-election in Peterborough!


Next stop - Brexit…!

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