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Calling All Social Classes Great Britain Needs YOU!

In June 2016 17.4 million people chose to leave the EU – no matter what your reasons were this amazing act of democracy gave people that had never voted in their lives who were despondent the impetus to go out and vote. To stand up and be counted.

As I campaigned for Brexit, it was so clear to me that for many years certain people had been forgotten, maybe not even cared about even though our government, no matter which colour, promised to protect and support them. The working classes, the people who often work two jobs to make ends meet or afford nice holidays were given hope that change was on the way, this is what I began to hear. Then they came out in their droves voted and won! I saw that as a huge victory!

I didn’t know then that most ministers and people I worked with during the campaign to leave the EU, thought we would win – why would they, they still thought with their outdated minds, to them, nothing had really changed. But I could see a change; I could feel the working and working, middle classes rising up; puffing out their chests people actually knew they existed for the first time in many years and to top it all they could make a difference. We did.

So, it saddens me so much to watch and witness over the last nearly 3 years – these people being torn down, reminded that they don’t matter not in the world of the upper middle class or the elite – for them, it was better that this type of people was kept quiet because the truth is, when we are not quiet we make quite an impact!

I would urge the working classes to stand firm. You have been awoken. Please don’t fall back to sleep – this country needs YOU! Politics needs to change, but for it to change we need people like YOU to get involved. Start by voting for Independent candidate at your local elections to make a difference to your Councils. Help regular everyday people that represent you filter into Parliament. We have a lot to contribute, so much to teach most of our ministers in Parliament who have never walked in our shoes. Every section of society needs to listen to each other – this is what the referendum highlighted, but we are all guilty of concentrating on the negative. We still fight from our own corners. We have all lost the art of working together. Maybe it was never there… We are never challenged about what we believe. We think compromise is now a word that means; bringing people around to your way of thinking.

Our Parliament has sovereign power, this is what makes our country great – however, when our ministers no longer listen to every section of society that power becomes a noose around the country’s neck. This is where we are now.

It’s easy to blame the working classes for chaos and anger, but the truth is not being heard breeds frustration, not being listened to breeds fury and trying to shut us back into a box leads to a fight for freedom!

To make Brexit happen we need a new Parliament who is capable of making decisions that could open up benefits globally. We, for too long have been relying on the EU to tell us what to do and how to do it – leaving our senior ministers without the ability to think for themselves - it’s scary for them so of course they want to (if truth be told) Remain, even when WE had faith in their capabilities to Leave.

I am appalled that Parliament has broken up when there is so much work still to be done. We only have six months to prepare to leave the EU and this should include the possibility of forging our treaty after we leave. Whether via a General Election or leadership contest our current government must change ministers, bringing a stable person who believes in leaving the EU without a deal to the fore, someone like Liam Fox. This is the only way forward in the time we have to bring the deadlock to an end. We may have stand up and be counted again!

If extra time is needed to bring about the above, then we are all clear what it is for as we will be working towards the goal of Brexit not dancing around it like a May Pole!