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So where to now...

So, Brexit day has come and gone, marches have been walked yet we seem to be no further forward.

Theresa May boomeranged part of her withdrawal agreement back into the House of Commons for Parliament to comment on. It caused an uproar with ministers who were questioning the legality of such a move. The deal was voted down, yet again.

Dominic Greaves, whose Association brought a motion of no confidencein him and is under threat of deselection said in an Interview with Andrew Castle on LBC that “the [Conservative] Manifesto is completely undeliverable!” Wow! This comes to light now - a snap election later and 2 years down the road!

Politics does need to change. In my opinion, it is clear to me that for this to truly happen a diverse mixture of people from different walks of life, should have the opportunity to stand as an MP to bridge the gap where academia is insufficient. If our Parliament embraced mixed abilities, I believe we would not have found ourselves in such Brexit chaos or the House thrown into pandemonium!

Gone are the days when MPs could just ignore a range of people – the part of the community who felt they had no voice. The 2016 referendum became the inbuilt alarm that has awoken the silent who are now insisting that the Government deliver Brexit. Politics in my eyes is already changing and we need to grab hold of this change and make it count.

It would be great if ministers residing in the House of Commons and Lords replicated our great nation, but they do not. It is too easy for someone to get a position of honour without really deserving it. However, you will see such people sitting in both Houses. This has to change!

The position we find ourselves in now has shone a light on the divide currently experienced between Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

The Government needs to work with a cross party of ministers, business people and residents associations to get us out of the predicament we are in. Theresa May MUST step down as Prime Minister and should not lead these talks. Honesty and openness needs to ensue during this time, ministers need to put together a deal that unreservedly takes us out of the single market, the customs union and releases us from the jurisdiction of EU courts and take this to Brussels. In the meantime, preparation for a no deal scenario needs to be operating in full gusto! If the EU does not accept the new deal, then we leave. The extension to 22ndMay, should be our absolute deadline for this. Any less than this would make a mockery of Government and Parliament would be seen as farcical!

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