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Will May's Deal be 3rd time lucky?...

The Brexit debacle continues!

2 ½ years on, it looks as if we are no further forward on leaving the EU with, or without a deal. Parliament is in disarray, ironically the only way forward that they can agree on, is that they do not want to leave without a deal! The one thing that 17.4million people voted for and the only legally binding option, as it stands at the moment.

The people were empowered to vote in June 2016 and now this great happening has been reduced to the will of parliament, rather the will of the people.

Where are we going to go from here. Will May's deal slip through because she has worn ministers out? Is an extension going to prevail, will the EU members states allow us to even have an extension?

This mess has been created by Parliament, no point in kidding ourselves that even if the vote came back to the people, Parliament would respect our decision, unless it is the result they have wanted all along, to Remain…