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Chairman exits over Brexit!

It is shameful, that two and half years down the line, we seem no further forward with this Brexit debacle! Whilst, I was meant to be relaxing, after resigning from an Association that had its own political under handedness going on - I watched our Prime Minster in Parliament ending a question with the word "simples" as she merrily went on to say that her meaningful vote would include - her deal, leave without a deal or no Brexit!!

Sitting there totally speechless, it was confirmed to me that Parliament is a pantomime! Somewhere for these well paid, supposedly well-educated people to get together and shout at each other. Whilst they create chaos around them, delivering nothing but indecision and uncertainty - I decided to step forward and be counted as someone that desperately felt the need to try and stop this insanity.

It is obvious to me, that if our politicians had concentrated on preparing for us to leave the EU without a deal, we would not be in the mess we are in today! Yes, at the beginning, even up to 6 months ago we could all laugh a little about the shenanigans going on with Boris, May and Reece Mogg - but in all honesty, I thought behind the scenes they MUST be preparing to leave on WTO. It was clear early on that May was not going to get her half-hearted through, she got side tracked into thinking she could please the majority - why, heaven only knows!

I could not stay quiet any longer, I could still try and make a difference locally - because no matter what happens with Brexit, we cannot have this shambolic government or these people who call themselves our MPs, continue in the fashion they are today. If they feel they no longer represent the majority voice of their constituents, over this huge democratic vote that saw 17 million people come out to vote, then they should stand down.

Politics is indeed changing, we can see it all around us via the break away groups. I believe though, it needs to change locally and filter upwards. We need more Independents putting themselves forward as District or Borough Councillors, standing up for their communities - bringing more balance in our councils. We need more business people, who are closely connected to their local community, to put themselves forward as Independent MPs to balance out political decisions nationally.

I putting my name forward as a District Councillor, why don't you do the same and make a difference locally.