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Prime Minister-Designate Johnson!

I couldn’t help myself, at the end of Boris’ speech today, I shouted, (to my dog’s dismay), Yes! That’s what I have been waiting for; someone I could possibly believe in!

I waited for those magical words to be released – and to my delight, I was not disappointed when Boris said, “there is time, this is the moment to Chuck Chequers.” Like a murmuration of starlings taking flight, his audience start to cheer and the clatter of hands get louder – Boris pauses, before carrying on in giving us a glimpse of his vision on how he would release us from EU strongholds.

It really doesn’t matter what the other side say about Brexit, Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty has been triggered and signed off by the Queen – so we are leaving. It doesn’t matter what negativity is spilt about Boris Johnson; if he continues in the same fashion as today, he is virtually there, taking the helm of Brexit, the helm David Cameron did not have the courage to steer. I believe with the support of Reece-Mogg and Davis at either side of him, Boris will surely get the votes he needs in parliament – if only, because conservative ministers no long have faith in our beleaguered Prime Minister. People, will vote for him, as Theresa May has stopped listening to them. We have got nowhere over the past two years, time is running out for us to put together some type of pencilled agreement with the EU before 29th March!

“If we bottle Brexit now, the people in this country will find it hard to forgive!” said Boris.

I receive emails and letters from members in my constituency who are angry, with Chequers, who feel they have been let down and not respected. Sevenoaks voted to leave the EU! As Chairman of the Association, it is my job to back and support whoever looks as if they will bring a successful brexit into fruition.

Personally, I believe that the EU and Great Britain can work really well together as friends, rather than marriage partners. Our deal, should be unique – as we were part of the EU, it’s time for grown up talks to get going, so that a serious compromise can take form.