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A Boy called Boris, a Woman called Theresa

Yes, Boris Johnson, has again found himself propelled into yet another media volcano by saying that the Burka should not be banned! Right, ok, so why the foray?

Well, later on in his article, he makes the comment that he thought,

‘’it absolutely ridiculous that people would choose to go around looking like letter boxes;”

In another part of his article he says;

“If a female student turned up at school or at a university lecture looking like a bank robber then ditto:” in response to something Jack Straw had said.

These quotes have been extracted from his Telegraph article publish on 5th August. Taken out of context, it sounds as if Mr Johnson is giving with one hand and taking back with the other, read the article in its entirety below and see what you think.

Political Correctness – Do we lob situations into the realms of political correctness, when we want to punish or make a mockery of someone in the media now?

Is political correctness falling into a grey hole? Do you know what you can say or can’t say – what you can laugh about, or not? Is it any wonder we are all getting confused or fed up wanting to make a stand against something - anything! The political world is in turmoil at the moment, we are still unsure on what is happening with Brexit plans – so let’s just shout and be angry at a group of people that don’t seem to be like us, no matter they be women and sometimes even children! Let’s just take a stand! Reminds me of a day in June 2016...

So, we look for a leader who mimics our feelings, our frustrations with the country, the world – which is natural. The media reports that Boris is purposely sprouting such declarations to give him a leg up onto a path that would lead him to the door of No.10 – to take the seat he so covets, from Theresa May. It is said that he is being populist, like his friend Donald and Nigel. So, does he really care about us or should he get to No.10, will he do a David Cameron and scuttle off! (as our dear Danny Dyer puts it).

The comments in his article would indirectly lead to the banning of an item of clothing he seems to be standing up for. It is easy for us to believe that Boris is just being pompous Boris, when he writes his articles, isn’t he? He is being true to himself, who, he has always been. Or, has he got his eyes firmly set on ministerial glory.

Ummm, let me think, wasn’t there a guy called George who took to loading up his articles and firing them at Mrs May when he left the land of milk and honey...

It is said that Boris is an intelligent man, he must be right? He went to Oxford! A man who likes to play with words – therefore, it MUST mean that the words he has written was done so to deliberately cause offence. No two ways about it.

Theresa May – She definitely has her work cut out for her, Brexit – are we leaving or not? Since, she became the Prime Minister, she must feel as if she has been thrown onto a hot bed or rocks. Instead of cooling, these rocks just seem to be getting hotter. Now, she not only has party in fighting to sort out, but Boris also!

Her steely character will have to continue to hold fast, as she wades through the mire that is her own Party ‘s unhappiness and wealds the batten of negotiation toward Michel Barnier and the rest of the EU member states.

A problem – Will a boulder get in the way? Stop her in her tracks - even roll over her! Boris…

Other political figures - We now know that Boris inevitably will get on well with the Trumps of this world – they are men’s men. We are living in a different world, that now sees the leader, of the opposition (the JC), taking to a concert stage to have a say, any say – a man who even arranged his own concert to, I believe, live out his long lost dream in performing at a live concert. He could then say to his grandchildren – “No, I was never Prime Minster, but I did have a concert dedicated to me – Oh and I was billed at Glastonbury…”

The lovely Donald (You’re Fired) Trump, who actually forgot he was not working on his show, The Apprentice, for the first year of his reign as President, when he gaily began to sack anyone that stared at him too long – or is that fake news! He is straight speaking, takes no enemies and builds walls!

Are we living in a Soap Opera? - I really never thought there would come a time when political figures were akin to a soap opera! Honest to God, Theresa May seems to be the only grown up in the mix. However, I don’t believe this stance will help her in a world of showmen!

Back to Boris & his Article - So, Boris says the Burka should not be banned, but then makes this statement in his article;

“If you tell me that the burka is oppressive, then I am with you. If you say that it is weird and bullying to expect women to cover their faces, then I totally agree – and I would add that I can find no scriptural authority for the practice in the Koran.”

Making a bold statement on one hand, that seems to concur with the beliefs of the wonderfully inclusive country that we live in, but then shatters the good he has done with a negative edict, that feeds on our fear and disbelief of a religion most of us know enough about.

Research tells us that 55% of our communication, is derived from body language – so does the Niqab block this? Is seeing someone’s face that important to us, for communication purposes? If it was, then surely social media would not have taken off as it has.

My thoughts - Are we are ignoring the simple case of just accepting people for who they are, no matter what path life takes them down – as long as they are kind, respectful and thoughtful to those who share the same country as us. We are born to parents we become to know, into a life where our stories should begin. We meet people on the way, that either become our friend or not. If you are ever tempted to bully anyone, just remember you could have been that very person you are bullying.

We, the people of Britain, come in all shapes, colours and sizes. We speak different languages and dialect. This diversity makes us stand out, makes our country great. This should be celebrated not berated!

Go up and talk to someone in a burka or Niqab, in fact anyone you feel you may have stood back from before – make difference, the norm, not the peculiar!

What I would say to Theresa and Boris…

Theresa please listen to your grass root electorate, we want you to bring a Brexit in its entirety – no more shady messages, but a clear one – we will be leaving the EU on March 29th, ditch the Chequers White Paper!

Boris take heed of these words – do not write for political gain or power, by putting people down via the back door, but write to praise, encourage and motivate. The world is already filled with so much hate – don’t become a carrier for that hatred.

Theresa, Boris? Our actions carry consequences.

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