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Lizzy Yarnold - Our Girl from Kent!


Absolutely bursting at the seams with pride and in awe of our Lizzy Yarnold MBE, from West Kingsdown in Kent. I feel somewhat entitled to this burst of uncontrollable emotion, filling up with tears, jumping up and down (hard, as I am quite well endowed in the chest section), in my sitting room, as she romped home to take the Gold medal for the second time, in her Skelton sport - making history!

10yrs ago, I remember talking to the teenage Lizzy at length about how she was trying to raise awareness for this sliding sport and how difficult it was, as no one took it seriously at the time. Because of this, it was challenging to raise funding, so she had to rely on family and friends. I was a budding presenter at the time (well I told myself so anyway), I was so excited for her and said to Lizzy "when you make it - will you give me an interview?" Actually, I asked this question of a lot of budding stars at the time, including James Corden, Dr Christian Jessen, Divina Mcall - a few people who were making their way up the media ladder around 2007/8 - did I have the gift of spotting talent?... I can't remember if Lizzy said yes or not, but I knew she would be a force to be reckoned with and an excellent ambassador for girls and women everywhere wanting to make a success, not just sport, but of life!

I never really saw her again since that evening, at a friend's do as she was busy training and travelling all over the place - but made sure I kept up to date with how she was getting on via her mother, Judith who I continued to socialise with at our mutual friend's celebrations.

I am excited to see how 'Our Lizzy' goes on to inject her Olympic success into our society which is increasing with much needed women heroes. Lizzy is down to earth, articulate and determined - a fine specimen of feminine finest!

Visit Lizzy's website to grab a ton of inspiration!