Independent Parliamentary Candidate - Sevenoaks

Since 2015 as an activist and member of the Conservative Party I have been listening to the plights of disadvantaged constituents.  I became the Chairman of Sevenoaks Conservatives Association in 2018 and for the first time felt I could do something.  However, due to my no nonsense frank talking I quickly fell out of favour with the Association.  I was cut off from a conference call Theresa May held with constituency chairs, after putting my question to the researcher challenging her about the Irish backstop.  Even though I was obviously scuppering my chances of standing for the Tories as a Parliamentary Candidate - for which I had applied, I could not be quietened - I was on a mission.

In 2019, I realised that I would best serve the people of Sevenoaks as an independent.  Members of the Tory party were angry and resigning their membership as they felt the party no longer held their views on Brexit.  I could see that the Party had tied themselves up in such a way by delivering a halve hearted withdrawal agreement; internal arguments and indecision rendered them incapable of moving forward.  So I resigned as chair, affording me the freedom of direct speech helping me to become the voice for constituents who wanted democracy.

Standing as a candidate for the Brexit Party was part of the movement of ensuring we held the government to account.  However, I was most disappointed when Nigel Farage gave in to Boris by standing down all his candidates.  I was not going to let down the minority, no I was not going to give in that easily.  Of course it was a tall order standing as an Independent in Sevenoaks, especially when other parties continually stood and have never got in, but to admit defeat would also beg the question - why stand at all! I never admit defeat until I am actually defeated - the way I have always lived my life.

I proudly stood in the General Election and yes, there were those who tried to dissuade me with horrid words and distain.  I am one of a tiny handful of Independents who have ever stood in Sevenoaks - the first black candidate to stand and received 1.4% of the vote share and I didn't come last! To me I achieved my own victory - but my work continues.  

I want to empower others to take up the chalice of politics; women; the BAME group; young disadvantaged people.


Politics needs to change.  We need a diverse voice heard.