The charity I have founded, PEOPLE was born after one of my daughters told me that to enable her to receive a full education in Spanish, she had to buy a GCSE Spanish book, as the teaching system in the school did not have the facility to cover the whole curriculum.  My immediate thought was, what about parents that cannot afford to buy these books all the time, or do they even know that these books are required to enable their daughter to achieve the full and balanced education needed to pass their GCSE?  I then started to think about all the privileges my daughters received attending good independent schools, such as sporting activities within school time, teachers who are able to concentrate on their expert subjects and given enough time to do so, whilst teaching smaller class numbers.  Also, the family set is usually made up of a mother who is more flexible or a family who has the aide of a nanny, meaning the children will have additional attention and support given to them whilst they attempt their homework or extra learning. 

Both parents are busy holding down jobs now, trying to make ends meet, the privilege my younger daughters receive was certainly not afforded to my eldest daughter, the majority of children in our state schools or myself as we work our way through school life.  Experiencing both sides of the sector has led me to make it my mission that all our children, the future, our pride and joy, are treated with equality - no matter what school they attend. The equality is not restricted to education, but also life skills and opportunities that would not of otherwise reached the door of the most disadvantaged child.

This is an injustice, I want to address.  I want all children to be able to achieve their potential and not be restricted because of their background or financial position in society. PEOPLE will aim to bring these opportunities into all our state run schools, by calling on the aide of experts in their field.

If you are a Professional that would like to get involved by donating your time, please click the link below detailing your profession.  Although, all professions are welcomed, I am particularly looking to concentrate in the following areas:

Sporting - Medical - IT - Law - Financial - Accounting - Politics - Social Care - Science - Teaching - Media

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